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Web Filtering

Web filtering plays a key role in enabling organizations to limit web activity at the workplace, not just to prevent idle or unauthorized web browsing, but also to protect users and their computers from intentional or inadvertent exposure to IT security threats such as malware and scam websites. Content filtering and control is also essential to ensure that companies are not unduly exposed to legal challenges resulting from inappropriate use of the web at the workplace, while allowing them to effectively manage bandwidth and network capacity by looking at which websites and services are used and when, assisting in capacity planning and highlighting network traffic issues before they become systemic.

Web Filtering can be managed very effeciently by SafeSquid based Secured Web Gateways which provides you with a very strong defense against malware threats. SafeSquid Web Filtering Internet Proxy can be installed on any Linux or Microsoft Windows based system, and can be integrated to any third-party software or network service for content analysis and security. SafeSquid’s unique design allows you to scale the capabilities of your Secured Web Gateway with best TCO / ROI that fits your financial budgets. SafeSquid’s unique real-time content analysis and security capabilities arguably provide the most extensible, scalable and customizable solutions for a Secured Web Gateway. SafeSquid is an ideal choice whether you are setting up a Secured Web Gateway as an on-premise, or in-the-cloud service.