SafeSquid for Windows Released

SafeSquid for Windows Released

Postby Manish » Wed Apr 11, 2012 4:50 pm

About SafeSquid for Windows
    Bugfix for all errors reported since release of, aggregated in this release.
  • Bugfix for errors in POST requests when NTLM / Negotiate authentication is enabled.
  • Bugfix for incorrect application of LDAP profiles when NTLM / Negotiate authentication is enabled.
  • Bugfix for improper CRLF line ending detection when URLBL files are edited in Windows Systems.
  • Bugfix for errors in activation key.
  • Bugfix for unplanned cookie modification.
  • Bugfix for slow http POST requests.
  • Bugfix for broken http headers.
    Speed enhancements
  • If keyword filtering or rewrite document was enabled, web responses not accompanied with content length headers took unpredictable time time to open. This has been fixed.
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