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SafeSquid ntlm-RC4.3.8.7

About SafeSquid ntlm-RC4.3.8.7


SafeSquid-2013.0617.2130.3 Patch

Minor enhancement for RFC violating response headers from some web-servers.
Some web-servers like respond with a 301 redirect response headers.
These headers do not contain the entity as mandated by RFC 2616.
SafeSquid now enforces a proper conversion of these headers.
The Links to the Patch are-
1. SafeSquid 32- Bit Versions

SafeSquid for Linux NTLM.RC. Released

About SafeSquid for Linux NTLM.RC.

BugFix for incorrect amount of data transferred in access and extended logs.
This bug got "accidentally" introduced in ntlm-RC. and continued to exist in all subsequently released versions.
The effect of this bug is visible when a client application makes use of persistent HTTP/1.1 connections and issues multiple requests in a connection.
The bug causes records in logs for each of the requests to report the data transferred as a summation of size of response of this request and all previous requests.

SafeSquid for Linux NTLM.RC. Released

About SafeSquid for Linux NTLM.RC.

SafeSquid for Linux NTLM.RC. contains a minor enhancement to increase tolerance against some webservers, that may not be following the RFC 2616 norms strictly.
Another minor modification included - ensures proper status code in logs, when an access to the SafeSquid WebUI is made.

SafeSquid ntlm-RC4.3.8.4


  • For early detection of closed sockets, and broken connections
  • For a broken template functionality when connection is blocked due to upload limits
  • init script for compatibility with procps-ng

SafeSquid ntlm-RC4.3.8.3


  • Minor issues in logging has been solved.


  • Limit section to allow limits beyond 2GB

SafeSquid ntlm-RC4.3.8.2


  • Improved logging.
  • Overall reduction in latency.

SafeSquid 2012.1215.1724.3


  • Handling GSS_S_CONTINUE_NEEDED when Negotiate authentication could not be completed with the very first proxy-authoriztion response from the client.

SafeSquid ntlm-RC4.3.8.1


  • POST requests that depended upon 100 Continue response code, were mishandled.
    This has been fixed


  • SafeSquid now performs Acquire Security Credentials only once and reuses for all further Kerberos/SSO based authentication.