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Globally Categorize Websites to Suit your Business needs








Globally categorize websites to suit your business needs

Incrementally updated categorized lists of websites are now one of the key USPs of all modern web-filtering solutions. Top of the line solutions even allow you to create your own categories, or over-ride the vendor provided categorization. Maintaining your customization across a cluster, or multiple remotely deployed solution instances, or even when you migrate the solution to a new host, requires quite a bit of effort.

Seamless automatic updating of your category customization, across all your solution instances, allows you to respond to change demands efficiently. It also ensures your users get identical experience from each of your deployed instances.

SafeSquid SWG’s Content Categorization Engine transparently backs-up your customization into the cloud. Authorized administrators can modify the categorization from any instance of SafeSquid SWG, and implement a change across all your serving instances. The change travels across a cluster, including all your locations worldwide.

The cloud-based backup does not require you to do anything special, it is seamless. All your SafeSquid SWG instances that share the same Activation Key will automatically synchronize with the cloud-based backup. If you create a new instance with the same Activation Key, it will automatically sync-up and stay synced! So go ahead and happily customize the web-categorization, and create all your web-category based policies. SafeSquid SWG will enforce them!


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Who is uploading confidential documents?









Who is uploading confidential documents?

The family of Web 2.0 applications that tempt and encourage users to upload, is rapidly growing. Yes ofcourse, you could have simply banned all access to social networking and web 2.0 applications, but would you? And malware that sneak data without users’ knowledge are more rampant than any other variety. To make things worse, the line dividing legitimate and illegitimate applications is getting blurred!

Getting a visual on the data files moving out of your web gateway, prevents wild speculations, false accusations, and promotes trust. Presenting hard data to your users, about such movement from their desktops, or hand-helds, encourages caution and better receptiveness to cyber-security practices.

SafeSquid’s DLP (Data Leakage Prevention) add-on module gives you an excellent control and visualization of all data files uploaded through your secure web-gateway. It enables you to enforce granular Profile based restrictions on all upload. You could even get analytics based on these Profiles. The Dashboard displays who uploaded, what, where, when and how.

Enable SafeSquid’s DLP module, and take control of all files that go out from your enterprise. The add-on module ships along with the new packaging of SafeSquid, all you need to do is enable it!


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Facebook Read-Only Mode for Networks








Facebook Read-Only Mode for Networks


July 12, 2016– SafeSquid Labs the pioneering provider of Secure Web Gateway technologies, has now introduced a new Freemium Policy. This policy is directed towards enterprises that are too large to effectively validate a proof of concept, in just a few weeks.

Modern Secure Web Gateways require extensive integration, with a variety of existing infrastructure elements like Directory Servers, SIEM, additional layers of security, etc. SafeSquid Labs had initially offered its new flagship product SafeSquid SWG with an industry standard of 3 weeks evaluation period. “Too many clients, were requesting extensions” said Shashank Singhvi, a SafeSquid Labs’ Customer Fulfillment Executive, “our new policy should now allow both – new customers, as well as our existing ones, to run their pilots without worrying of evaluation expiry.”

When asked if this would not cause people to enjoy the product extensively for free, Sudipta Ghosh, SafeSquid Labs Sales Manager, replied – “Well, this is bound to happen. There are always people who can’t afford to pay for the technologies that we offer, and then there are those who don’t mind the price but want to be very sure of the ROO. Our sales teams focus on the later. This policy will help us to reach out to more of the latter.”

We are not very different. We just do things, differently.

Satish Hargunani, who monitors the Technical Support had a different view – “Almost 80% of SafeSquid’s user family has always been non-paying users. In fact we don’t even call them Free users, because this community have been providing us with valuable insights to modulate our development road-map. We are dealing a security technology that has an ever-changing application landscape. We constantly feed off this community, learning different hacks, and mechanisms that are used to circumvent security. We always want to give something back to this community. The new policy allows us to do just that.”

SafeSquid Labs’ Freemium Policy will always be for only for latest offerings, so it is currently for SafeSquid SWG only, and not for its legacy products.

You can Donwload the latest version of - SafeSquid Software Appliance.