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Globally Categorize Websites to Suit your Business needs








Globally categorize websites to suit your business needs

Incrementally updated categorized lists of websites are now one of the key USPs of all modern web-filtering solutions. Top of the line solutions even allow you to create your own categories, or over-ride the vendor provided categorization. Maintaining your customization across a cluster, or multiple remotely deployed solution instances, or even when you migrate the solution to a new host, requires quite a bit of effort.

Seamless automatic updating of your category customization, across all your solution instances, allows you to respond to change demands efficiently. It also ensures your users get identical experience from each of your deployed instances.

SafeSquid SWG’s Content Categorization Engine transparently backs-up your customization into the cloud. Authorized administrators can modify the categorization from any instance of SafeSquid SWG, and implement a change across all your serving instances. The change travels across a cluster, including all your locations worldwide.

The cloud-based backup does not require you to do anything special, it is seamless. All your SafeSquid SWG instances that share the same Activation Key will automatically synchronize with the cloud-based backup. If you create a new instance with the same Activation Key, it will automatically sync-up and stay synced! So go ahead and happily customize the web-categorization, and create all your web-category based policies. SafeSquid SWG will enforce them!


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