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Comprehensive Features

Malware Defence

In-memory virus scanner gives you near-zero latency, and a superb user-experience.
Connector for OpenSource Clam Antivirus, for additional redundancy at zero-cost.
Generic ICAP client for paranoid-level security.
DNSBL connector to identify known sources of phishing and malware attacks.

Web-Site classification

Incrementally self-updating categorized database has over 18 million URLs for profiling web access.
Use your own categorized lists for additional control.
Use logical expressions to fine-control access to specific group of web-sites.

Real-time Content Analysis

Logical Text analyser to detect inappropriate web-content.
Image analyser to detect pornographic content.
Response and Request Header analysis to restrict downloads.

Data Leak Prevention

Use ICAP to process all requests via your any ICAP based data leak prevention technology, to safeguard confidential information.

Web 2.0 Controls

Enforce strict search policies on all search engines.
Completely re-programmable logic to set access control policies on existing and future web 2.0 applications.

HTTPS Deep Scanning

Detect and restrict access to inappropriately certified HTTPS services.
Enforce content control within HTTPS communications.

User Limits

Throttle QoS to prevent saturation of Internet Pipe.
Set limits to size of uploaded and downloaded content.

SSO & LDAP Integration

Integrate with Microsoft® Active Directory or OpenLDAP to validate user credentials.
Apply user / group based policies.


Integrate with a variety of network services like POP3, MySQL, etc. to validate user credentials.

Profiled Internet Access

“In-verbatim” enforce your Internet access policies with factors like user’s group membership, time of access, web-site category, nature of content, web-client used, etc.

Content Caching and Pre - Fetching

In-memory and on-disk content cache to quickly serve previously accessed web-content, and save bandwidth.
Pre-emptive fetching of content, for enhanced user-experience.

Intuitive WebUI

Document your policies into the configuration database, as you create them.
Tool-Tips and on-screen guidance to configure each section.
Debug and fine-tune your policies.

Customisable Reporting

Open plain-text form logs, that can be analysed by a variety of OpenSource and proprietary analysers.
Reports comprehensively portray Internet usage of users, groups, content, and bandwidth consumed.