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Facebook Read-Only Mode for Networks








Facebook Read-Only Mode for Networks

Reports of cyberbullying, Facebook stalking, and “that guy” who got “Facebook Fired” for posting something, are too frequent to surprise you anymore. Productivity losses, and bandwidth saturation caused by people “playing Candy Crush” or uploading their family albums, too do not surprise but remain the bigger concern for Security Managers.

Yes, Enterprises and institutions could have chosen to simply disallow access to all Social Media, and completely insulate themselves against the associated risks. But then we don’t want to completely “de-humanise” ourselves. Social media can be so useful to stay connected with customers and partners. Our HR also needs to keep projecting our “broad-minded and liberal attitude”, to attract fresh talent.
SafeSquid SWG enables you to easily control and limit activities. Create unoppressive policies that specifically restrict access to just some of Facebook’s features like games, or other productivity killers. Of course you could even create less liberal policies that prevent uploads, or posting messages, etc. If your enterprise demands stricter policies, you could completely block access to Facebook, as you did with the legacy SafeSquid.

With SafeSquid SAB it takes about 20 minutes to setup a SafeSquid SWG based secure web gateway. Even technicians with minimal expertise can do the setup, because SAB provides a fully automated process.

Facebook Read Only:

Understand the possibilities

  • Restricted Like, comment and share.
  • Blocking selective Facebook apps.
  • Allow Facebook login only to specific user or group of users.
  • Block Facebook chat.





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