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In-Memory Virus Scanner
High-speed virus scanner with near-zero latency.
Tier-2 Virus Defense
Generic ICAP client to “second-guess” in-memory virus scanner, with multiple ICAP based AntiVirus services.
HTTPS Inspection
Prevents SSL security breaches, detects compromised HTTPS sites.
Pornographic Image Filter
URL-agnostic detection of Blocks images based on their content.
Custom URL Databases
Pre-Set white-lists / black-lists of web-sites.
Word Filtering
Advanced Weighted Scoring Keyword Filter to block access to pornographic web-sites.
Cookie Filter
Block cookies, that steal your confidential information, from all or specific web-sites. Control Web 2.0 applications.
Header Filter
Hide your identity from web-sites. Define which web-applications can access the internet
URL Filter
Block content from undesirable sources like chat servers, banner servers, ad-rotators, Instant Messengers, etc.
Categorized Surfing
Control access to over 40 Million web-sites based on categories.
Re-programmable Filters
Open and easily modifiable Filtering rule-sets. Logically build your own profiles and rules for content filtering and access control.
Application Signature
Collection of applications and group of applications based on their signatures, which can be used for monitoring or blocking purposes.
Request Profile
Create policies for Internet applications, uploads.
Time Profile
Prevent productivity losses by controlling access based on time schedules.
Response Profile
Create policies based on content nature. Control download of movies, images, audio, flash, files from one or specific web-sites.
Content ReWrite
Eliminate malicious ActiveX Controls that install toolbars, spyware or any other dangerous software.
LDAP Integration
Enforce Internet access policies based on user’s LDAP membership.
Single Sign On
Integrate with Microsoft AD or *nix KDC for non-interactive user identification.
Create Policies for WCCP routers to enforce trasparent proxy.
Multi-threaded pre-fetching, allows you to download multiple web-objects simultaneously.
Content Caching
Advanced Cache management allows you to cache recently downloaded images, pages, files, etc.
Cache Array Routing Protocol
Advanced Cache management allows you to cache across multiple folders or hard drives on the server.
Internet Caching Protocol
Advanced Cache management allows you to use remotely located web-caches.
Data Leak Prevention (DLP)
Control upload of sensitive content to undesirable applications like chat servers, banner servers, ad-rotators, Instant Messengers, etc.
Multi-proxy configuration
Manage clusters. Configure all proxies across the enterprise to use configurations from master proxy. Configure your master, slaves will follow!
Customizable Templates
Change the Warning messages to a language that your users understand.
Browser Based GUI
Manage your corporate policy remotely, with your favorite browser.
Internet Usage Logs
Review and analyze the usage of Internet Access. Check if your policy configurations are delivering the desired results.
Bandwidth Management
Allocate Bandwidth Quota and Connection speed per category or per web-site, per user / computer.
Request Forwarding
Create Proxy –chains .Forward requests through firewalls and other HTTP / HTTPS / SOCKS proxy servers.
Reverse Proxy
Application layer security for your Internet / Intranet sites. Block upload of dangerous stuff, to your web-site.
Elevated Privacy
Use Elevated Privacy to protect privacy activity across different websites. Helps you protect from Advance Persistent Threat.