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"Change is the only constant"

SafeSquid is neither the first, nor the only software in the world, that brings to you - the mechanism to distribute Internet, across your enterprise. There are quite a few other products, that too - can deliver access control or, content control. But then, what would you do - with an access or content control system, that cannot be managed?

But then what is manageability, and why do we need it?

Manageability has many attributes and effects many dimensions:
  • Gives the freedom, to adapt to new technologies
  • Allows you to plan for a contingency, and defeat a crisis
  • Gives the power of independence to an enterprise.
  • Can only be measured by client-side-benefits.
  • Gives the confidence to try new ideas.
  • Is the muscle, businesses require to change, for the better.
  • Makes things simple and easy to understand.

Manageability with SafeSquid

SafeSquid stands alone in the number of features it provides, but the feature that makes it priceless is its manageability to implement, change or try its features very easily even by people with minimal technical know how using its user friendly, menu driven browser based interface.

SafeSquid scores quite highly, over the competition, on all counts of - manageability. Most of the alternative products either work in isolation or, they are very difficult to harmonize with other technologies and systems. SafeSquid, on the other hand acts as a central platform, and can easily harness the unique strengths of various technologies and systems. It allows you to construct a symbiosis of - the most suitable, amongst various alternatives, and delivers the obvious benefits of such synergy.

SafeSquid can easily adapt to the requirement as you change your policies or sharpen them.

Manage Content Classification

You have the choice to set allow or deny policy, based on content classification using simple flat-files, sophisticated SQL databases or specially maintained Domain Name Servers. The web interface allows you to select any or all the categories from the selection menu.

Manage Authentication System

SafeSquid has a built-in client for PAM. So if your most preferred authentication database like RADIUS, LDAP, Windows Domain Controllers, SQL Databases, POP3 servers, etc. fails, you can switch over to an alternate with minimal efforts. SafeSquid also offers a mechanism of locally caching the verified passwords, in an encrypted file; so it can transparently handle situations when your Authentication System is unavailable. You can also authenticate your domain users via kerberos based SSO.

Manage Hundreds of Rules

The logical reasons that led to creation of any rules by you, are really as important as the rules themselves. The SafeSquid interface allows you to record both of these. So you know exactly why any rule was created, even a couple of years later! Each rule can be independently disabled, if you do not wish to disable the entire section itself. Any rule can be quickly cloned from the interface, in case you needed another rule, with only minor changes.

Manage Unknown Viruses

Products like Clam Antivirus offer Sigtool that allows you to create signatures for new viruses. With SafeSquid you can trigger Sigtool remotely from your browser, and create a virus signature, without being a computer geek!

Manage Virus Protection Technology

SafeSquid had a built-in, high speed in - memory anti-virus. Also you can connect to any anti-virus technology using command-line scanner, Unix socket, TCP/IP Socket or ICAP. You have the freedom to use any one or multiple technologies or products, simultaneously; very easily from its menu driven, user friendly, web interface. You can enable or disable scanning from any antivirus software from the selection menu.

Manage Clustered Environment

You can run multiple instances of SafeSquid on the same server, with each using a different PAM configuration file, and that can be very useful, if you wish to deploy SafeSquid in a clustered environment.

Manage Mirror Servers

To pre-empt situations when your system fails, you can have an identical copy running on multiple servers. SafeSquid automatically produces the necessary proxy auto-configuration directives, depending upon your service parameters. Now if you had already made your network WPAD aware, you will not even have to bother, changing the proxy configuration on individual computers!

Manage Multi-Proxy architectures

If your enterprise that requires multiple proxies across its global networks, you can enjoy the convenience of SafeSquid's unique Master-Slave deployment architecture. Now you just have to set policies on the Master & all the slaves will automatically synchronize themselves, to your policies on the master. What's more, you can even create unique policies for any of the slave proxies.

Manage New Installation

An enterprise that wishes to add another SafeSquid location, can easily create a custom auto-install package and deploy it as a slave install, which can be installed without any user interaction.

Manage Useful Tips

Hundreds of users around the world share their experience, and success in battling security related situations, or vulnerabilities. Each of this experience can be very easily translated into a logical expression and used as security rule, and shared. So even if you are not very comfortable with creating rules, you just have to import the logical expression that can be a useful security rule for you.

Manage Back-Up & Restore of Configuration

You can backup the hundreds of rules that you carefully set up to fine-tune to your security policy compliance just by clicking on the ‘Save Settings’ link in the interface. All these rules are stored in an xml database, that can be backed-up like a simple text-file, at regular intervals. So if you ever have to switchover to a different hardware, you do not have to spend even minutes to resume your corporate policies. Just by clicking on the ‘Load Settings’ link in the interface, you can restore your saved settings within seconds.