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Updated Documentation

Are you looking for the updated documentation for the latest SafeSquid SWG?
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Use SafeSquid to distribute Internet across your network users.
All your standard HTTP / web applications like Internet Browsers, Messaging Clients etc. can be served by SafeSquid based Secure Web Gateway.
You can configure proxy-aware web clients to use the SafeSquid as a standard HTTP/1.1 Proxy Service.
You can even transparently redirect traffic to the SafeSquid Proxy Service.

Key Benefits

SafeSquid detects and blocks malware at the web-gateway much before it can reach the users.
SafeSquid protects users from fraudulent web-sites, web-applications, and security breaches.

Use SafeSquid’s categorized database of over 18 Million web-sites to control access and enhance productivity.
SafeSquid provides strong prevention of inappropriate content like pornography.
Its real-time image and text analysers can detect inappropriate content and prevent access.

You can create granular policies for individual users, or user-groups on the basis of their IP addresses or Microsoft® AD / OpenLDAP membership.
These policies could be for controlling web-applications like Instant Messengers, FaceBook, Google Search, YouTube, etc.
These policies can also cover downloads of unwanted software, and upload of content.
SafeSquid applies very granular Internet access policies at gateway level, and ensures profiled Internet access to users.
You can thus totally prevent abuse of your Internet resources, and enhance productivity.

SafeSquid enhances the users’ overall Internet experience, by caching frequently accessed content, and pre-fetching immediately required content.

SafeSquid provides forensics friendly Internet usage logs, to trace any misuse of Internet resources.


SafeSquid is an RFC 2616 compliant HTTP/1.1 Proxy.

SafeSquid based Secure Web Gateways are setup as native services on Linux or Microsoft® Windows.
Its SMP-aware multi-threaded architecture very efficiently meets the most challenging requirements of a Secure Web Gateway.
Each instance of SafeSquid can give reliable service to hundreds of concurrent users.

SafeSquid based Secure Web Gateways can be easily scaled up by increasing hardware resources.
You can create LAN / WAN based Web Filtering clusters with SafeSquid.

With SafeSquid, you can give your users a redundant level security by augmenting its in-memory virus scanner, with any number of ICAP based virus scanning services.

SafeSquid’s auto-incrementing categorized URL database can be supplemented by your custom lists of web-sites.
SafeSquid has a PCRE based re-programmable protocol and content analysis engine.


SafeSquid based Secure Web Gateways are completely re-configurable to create “exact-fit” solutions for complex requirements.

SafeSquid’s unique “download-and-deploy” technology, gives you the freedom to setup your Secure Web Gateway on a dedicated physical host, virtualized guest or a typical cloud instance. It has a highly optimized design, and very tiny resource utilization foot-print.

SafeSquid is a 100% software based alternative to any sophisticated hardware based web-filtering appliance.

SafeSquid offers top-of-the-line features, performance and advanced capabilities.
SafeSquid’s unique strength however lies in the flexibility it offers, in using these features.

SafeSquid’s application control engine is fully re-programmable via SafeSquid’s intuitive WebUI.
This engine ensures very granular profile based user restrictions, protocol control and content filtering.


SafeSquid arguably gives you the most competitive TCO in the long run.
SafeSquid uses standard infrastructure hardware, operating systems and environment, freeing you from any special maintenance costs.
You can near-seamlessly relocate, expand or consolidate your Secure Web Gateway to a new physical host, virtualized environment, or cloud based infrastructure.
SafeSquid’s dedicated support offers you all management services and software support at no extra cost round-the-clock.
SafeSquid’s unique subscription policies give you zero-cost service redundancy.