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Pre-Sales Tele Conference

Pre Sales Tele Conference
SafeSquid can help you to secure your Web Gateway.
Proper implementation, should also give you Total Access Control and Total Content Control of your HTTP Traffic.
An experienced domain specialist could provide useful specific technical & commercial inputs.
Take a guided tour of SafeSquid with the domain specialist and get the first-hand feel of a typical solution.
Quickly find out how your enterprise can absorb and use SafeSquid's immense power, before you buy or install any thing.

Your team and you, can join the SafeSquid Team over a web-based conference, to discuss your enterprise requirements, and derive a solution that suits your budgets.
Described below are the topics that could be discussed with the SafeSquid Team:
Pre- Sales Web-Conferencing can help you immensely, by saving your time in searching for an answer to your queries.
  • You have a specific requirement.
    Will SafeSquid be able to fulfill it?
  • You want to select a particular SafeSquid Edition.
    Which amongst all will be the best suited for your network architecture?
  • Your implementation would be based on your enterprise requirements.
    What kind of assistance do you require from SafeSquid TechSupport Team?
  • You have a fairly large number of users, and you need a really reliable deployment.
    Would a Fail-Over or Load-Balancing cluster be required? What would be the right platform?
  • Your enterprise does not have all the required technical expertise.
    How will the production environment still be set-up and maintained?
  • Internet Usage reports are key issue for your management.
    What kind of reports will you get? What additional will be required?
  • The content on the SafeSquid web-site does not specifically answer a specific issue.
    Is it possible? Would that require any customization?

Queries such as above can be quite important, and need some clarity. The web-conference can provide the vital answers. The domain specialists would even love to show you the proof-of-concept, if possible. A pre-sales web-conference allows a "free-no-obligations" exchange of ideas and knowledge. 

Web Conference Details
Conference Link Will be supplied to you on confirmation of time slot
Password Will be supplied to you on confirmation of time slot
Allowed Attendees 4
How to join Visit the conference link from any Windows Desktop (2000, 2003, XP, 7).
A plug-in will be downloaded to your Desktop, which will connect you to the meeting.
You will be prompted to enter your 'Screen Name'.
Request a slot