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SafeSquid for Linux SWG safesquid-2016.1231.1230.3-swg-concept released

Updated Documentation

Are you looking for the updated documentation for the latest SafeSquid SWG?
Please access the latest documentation at

*  Improvements in SQLite performance.
*  Fix for memory leaks in trusted ca load functionality.
*  Integrated latest webfiltering engine.
Download ISO to create your appliance.
Download SafeSquid tarball, If you already have Linux machine 14.04 machine.
* Improvements in SQLite performance.
    Enhancement in the SQLite functionality wise. Fixed few vulnerabilities which were observed in writing the information to the database.
* Fix for memory leaks in trusted ca load functionality.
    It was observed that there was a memory leak in the trusted ca update functionality which would happen for every one hour. Identified the issue and fixed it.
* Integrated latest webfiltering engine.
    Brought in the latest available webfiltering engine which is used for categorization.