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SafeSquid ntlm-RC4.3.8.7 Released

About SafeSquid ntlm-RC4.3.8.7


  • Improved support for non-browser web-clients:
    • SafeSquid now facilitates connection persistence for client applications that may not include proxy-connection / connection headers.
    • SafeSquid now supports automatic transmission of connection-encoding headers depending upon client request headers.
  • Speed enhancements to further improve the throughput speed.
  • Optimized System Resource Utilization.
    • SafeSquid now uses a single thread to close idle client connections, in pool.
    • SafeSquid now uses maximum CPU resources for transferring data.
    • Optimized memory utilization.
  • Improved handling of web-server redirect responses that may not have included connection-close headers, when not indicating the content-length or transfer-encoding.
  • The safesquid logo is now embedded in the UI pages and templates as base64 encoded image preventing additional request from the client to display logo.

Currently SafeSquid 64- Bit Versions are available.

SafeSquid 32- Bit Versions will also be out soon.