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SafeSquid for Windows 2012.1208.1905.2-20121208 Patch Released

Bugfix for a vulnerability that caused SafeSquid to terminate abnormally.
In certain cases during SSO authentication SafeSquid crashed, the problem has been resolved in the patch.

Pre-Requirements: Safesquid Business installed

Steps to install patch-

  1. Download the patch from - Link
  2. Rename the patch from safesquid-2012.1208.1905.2-20121208.exe to safesquid.exe
  3. Save your settings from the Web Interface of SafeSquid.
  4. Stop SafeSquid with the help of SafeSquid Service Manager.
  5. Take backup of the original binary(default location- "C:\Program Files\SafeSquid\bin\safesquid.exe") in case you need to revert back.
  6. Replace the safesquid.exe (from above step) with your current binary which is present in bin folder(default location- "C:\Program Files\SafeSquid\bin").
  7. Start SafeSquid with the help of SafeSquid Service Manager.

Your patch has been applied.