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SafeSquid for Windows SWG_2016.1207.2000.4 Released

Feature Enhancements & modifications

The changes in SafeSquid Windows SWG_2016.1207.2000.4 are big enough to qualify it as a MAJOR release.

  1. New customizable User Interface.
    Added simplified APIs for customizing User Interface.
    You can use these APIs to modify the User Interface as per your organization requirement.
    Reseller will be benefited with these customizable User Interface APIs.
  2. Performance Analytics and Reporting.
    Performance Analytics and Reporting have new and updated features in this release.
    You can analyze the real time performance with more than 40 predefined reports.
    You can easily customize these predefined reports shown in the dashboard.
    You can drill down into reports by applying different types of filters to view a subset of the current reports.
  3. Local and Cloud Based Category Management.
    Introduced Category Engine with more than 100 categories.
    You can manage your own categories database.
    You can upload multiple files having categorized one or more websites.
    You can search multiple URL/websites residing into various categories.
    A real-time database update is possible now to re-categorize a URL/websites.
  4. Support for IPv6.
    SafeSquid now supports IPv6 protocol. SafeSquid can listen on both IPv4 or IPv6 address.
    At present dual IP stack implementation is not been supported in SafeSquid SWG Windows.
  5. Customizable user access to blocked website.
    You can configure policies to allow one or more users to access blocked websites for certain time slot / period.
  6. SQLite Integration for logs.
    SQLite integration is newly added feature in SafeSquid.
    SQLite can be used to store logs into database. Individual log parameters are stored as individual entry into database.
    Using SQLite to store logs into database gives better performance and accessibility. SQLite database is more portable and reliable which is great advantage.
  7. Improved all the SafeSquid feature set.
    All features of SafeSquid are been revised to enhance user experience especially policy creation and SSL.
  8. Improved Reporting Engine and rendering of real-time reports.
    Changed back-end architecture for reporting engine to deliver reports faster.
    You can expect 30% faster results with the new reporting engine.
    In future releases you will get options to customize report wizards.
  9. Improved handling of HTTPS connections when SSL inspection is disabled.
    Sluggishness in opening HTTPS websites is no more a problem.
    It was identified that TCP_CORK was causing delay in data transmission of HTTPS request. Problem was identified and Fixed.
  10. Improved SSL Caching.
    Higher memory consumption was identified with session resumption technique used and when SSL caching enabled.
    Implemented work around and reduced memory consumption.
  11. Introduction of User-Groups.
    You can define a User-Group by simply creating a rule with Ldap Profile(s) and/or profile(s) and/or IP address(es) mapped with User-Group.
    You can also use predefined active directory users or MySQL users to create User-Groups.
  12. DLP(Data Loss prevention).
    You can now secure your data from internal threats.
    Users in your network can not send sensitive or critical information outside the corporate network.
  13. Application and Content control.
    You can now define policies to control access to application categories like BROWSERS, REMOTE ACCESS, FTP etc.
    Various applications like SKYPE, FACEBOOK, TWITTER etc can also be allowed / blocked.
    You can now define policies to control access to content categories like IMAGE, TEXT , APPLICATION etc.
    Various content types like JPEG, PNG, HTML, JS,CSS, EXECUTABLE, RAR etc can also be allowed / blocked.
  14. Optimized for Memory Consumption.
    It was observed that SafeSquid was consuming significantly more memory than estimated.
    Optimized various areas to reduce memory consumption, mainly Sqlite and SSL.


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 NOTE :-
        SafeSquid for Windows SWG release may need some dependencies to run the SafeSquid Service on your machine. These dependencies are of Visual C++ runtime packages[Supporting Files].

The Link for SafeSquid for Windows SWG Supporting Packages are-