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"When you are successful, Expectations, Needs or Constraints always increases"

SafeSquid can scale as per your needs. You can multiply it's any aspect on the fly, without causing any disruption in user services.

Scalable instances

Multiple instances of SafeSquid can co-exist on the same server, without any necessary inter-dependence.

Scaling locations

When a new location needs a local SafeSquid server, you can quickly install it, as a slave to your master server. You don't have to worry about setting the Corporate Internet Access Policies, for each new location.

Scalable cache storages

When your traffic starts to increase and you need to add additional cache storage, you can easily do it by either adding an additional disk space, or a caching server in the network. SafeSquid can easily manage cache on local hard disk on multiple volumes, and also use remote web-caches using ICP / CARP.

Scalable Antivirus Security

SafeSquid has clients for ClamAV, Kaspersky, Sophos, Avast and F-Prot AV Daemons. Client for any new Antivirus can be easily built by using the SafeSquid SDK. SafeSquid lets you increase security levels by using multiple virus-scanners simultaneously.

Scalable Authentication Mechanism

SafeSquid has an embedded PAM client. SafeSquid lets you authenticate your users, from one or more external authenticating systems like LDAP, Windows Domain Controllers, RADIUS, POP3, MySQL databases, Postgres Databases, Text-Files, etc. SafeSquid's unique password caching system allows you to locally cache authenticated username/passwords, and thus reduce the stress on networked resources for authentication. SafeSquid allows you to quickly modify or multiply authentication sources.

Scaling External Security Applications

SafeSquid's External Parser lets you process content with any software. You can quickly devise scripts, to capture content, or to invoke any external executable to process the content. SafeSquid brings to you extreme flexibility, to meet any new challenges in security.

Scalable Analysis Reports

SafeSquid generates logs, that can be parsed with any number of freely available log analyzers, to produce reports. Any of such log-analyzers can be customized - to suit your requirement.