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Scalable Solutions

Download and Deploy

SafeSquid is offered as installable packaged software. The package itself is less than 10MB, and the installation steps are self-intuitive and very elaborately documented.


Use any popular Linux distribution or Microsoft® Windows to setup your secured web gateway.

Clustering Ready

Create a common SafeSquid configuration file for multiple instances of service. Provision to create unique rules for one or more instances on the cluster. Logs generated by all the instances can be aggregated in realtime for analytics and reporting. SafeSquid has a built-in master/slave feature to share configuration policies across the cluster.

Virtualization Ready

SafeSquid completely honours defined resource utilization limits, ensuring your virtualised application reliably cohabits other virtual machines. SafeSquid requires zero systemic changes on the operating system level. You can deploy your Secure Web Gateway on a standalone hardware, or your private Virtualization Infrastructure or any private or public cloud infrastructure.

Extensible Performance

SafeSquid has a multi - threaded architecture, and is a native C/C++ server appl icat ion. It’s minimal dependency design, ensures carriergrade throughput and minimal latencies. Depending upon the demand it can automatically scale up or down the resource utilization upto your specified upper limits, to give best user experience in events of peak connection concurrency. SafeSquid is extensively stress tested for concurrency and its resource intensive functions.

Remote Administration

SafeSquid has an intrinsic WebUI. Use the WebUI to create, document and backup, restore yourpolicies. All configuration files are text-based and can be replicated to other sites. Performance can be monitored remotely, and process can be objectively fine-tuned.

Extensible Modular Design

SafeSquid has a library of add-on modules that can be easily added or removed, to enhance or modify existing features.

Integration Ready

SafeSquid has generic built-in connectors for integration with thirdparty services like LDAP, Kerberos, SSL, ICAP, PAM, etc. The connectors can be easily configured, as per standard norms for best results.

Friendly Debugging

SafeSquid has been designed to record and log process performance and faults for easy debugging, trouble-shooting and fine-tuning. Minimal learning curve is required to understand and trouble-shoot.

Simple Disaster Recovery

SafeSquid configuration files can be easily backed-up for easy recovery by replicating the deployment on a fresh system.