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Secured Web-Gateway for Business Network

SafeSquid® based Secured Web Gateways provide you with a very strong defense against malware threats. SafeSquid can be installed on any Linux or Microsoft® Windows based system, and can be integrated to any third-party software or network service for content analysis and security. SafeSquid’s unique design allows you to scale the capabilities of your Secured Web Gateway with best TCO / ROI that fits your financial budgets and yet fulfill your requirements for Internet Access and Content Control. SafeSquid’s unique real-time content analysis and security capabilities arguably provide the most extensible, scalable, and customizable solutions for a Secured Web Gateway. SafeSquid is an ideal choice whether you are setting up a Secured Web Gateway as an on-premise, or in-the-cloud service.

Let’s look at some evidence.

First, some statistics provided by International Data Corporation (IDC):

  • 70% of all web traffic to Internet pornography sites occurs during the work hours of 9am-5pm.
  • 58% of industrial espionage is perpetrated by current or former employees.
  • 48% of large companies blame their worst security breaches on employees.
  • 64% of employees say they use the Internet for personal interest during working hours.
  • 37% of workers say they surf the Web constantly at work.
  • 27% of companies say that they've fired employees for misuse of office e-mail or Internet connections, and 65% report some disciplinary measure for those offenses.
  • 90% of employees feel the Internet can be addictive, and 41% admit to personal surfing at work for more than three hours per week.
  • 60% of security breaches occur within the company - behind the firewall.
  • 25% of corporate Internet traffic is considered to be "unrelated to work."
  • 30-40% of lost productivity is accounted for by cyber-slacking.
  • 32.6% of workers surf the net with no specific objective.
  • 27% of Fortune 500 organizations have defended themselves against claims of sexual harassment stemming from inappropriate email.
  • 90% of respondents (primarily large corporations and government agencies) detected computer security breaches within the previous 12 months, 80% acknowledged financial losses due to computer breaches, 44% were willing and/or able to quantify their losses, at more than $455 million.

SafeSquid based Secure web-gateways can use multiple content analyzers to not just detect risks, but also perform real-time sanitization in both downloaded and uploaded content. SafeSquid has a unique feature that allows you to integrate your own completely customized solution to analyze content, in-memory. SafeSquid has a high performance, user re-programmable PCRE-based engine that can be used to set the logical expressions for real-time analysis and modification of text-based content. Security consultants can easily implement logic to modify / eliminate JavaScripts, ActiveX controls, CSS, and other web-code, granularly from specified web-applications. You can use this to even restrict exchange of cookie-based information in the web-code, or use SafeSquid’s sophisticated Application Header inspection capabilities to restrict exchange of cookies and other privacy violating information. You can combine SafeSquid’s various capabilities to profile and very granularly control access and use of Web 2.0 applications.

SafeSquid offers multiple options for URL categorization. You can use your custom databases of categorized web-sites, you can use SafeSquid’s PCRE based url-filter to profile URLs and set appropriate role-based policies. SafeSquid also offers the very unique cProfiles Content Categorization Service.

SafeSquid can be readily used with third-party ICAP based content categorization services, for URL filtering. SafeSquid’s generic ICAP client can use ICAP based AntiVirus Services as well as data leak prevention (DLP) services.

SafeSquid Labs also offers customization services to build custom modules to connect to any other third-party security software and services.

SafeSquid’s extremely easy to use cluster-ready capabilities make it extremely easy to create scalable deployment of your Secured Web-Gateway. SafeSquid is an ideal choice when you need a solution that can be transformed from a single stand-alone system based in-premise solution into a sophisticated in-the-cloud clustered application.

SafeSquid renders an RFC 2616 compliant HTTP/1.1 proxy service, so it can comprehensively serve, without requiring any additional client-side software. Thus all your typical HTTP/1.1 web-clients such as Web-Browsers, Instant Messengers, FTP clients, can easily enjoy the benefits of a Secured Web Gateway.

SafeSquid’s intrinsic WebGUI provides application managers an easy an intuitive access to SafeSquid’s run-time configuration, for creating and testing policies, and for  analyzing filtering rules. SafeSquid’s logs can be analyzed in real-time to identify patterns to identify compromised systems. SafeSquid generates a variety of logs to analyze the overall performance, and Internet Usage. The logs can be analyzed by feeding them to popular analyzers like Sarg, Calamaris, Sawmill, GnuPlot, Zabbix, etc.

SafeSquid’s unique profiling capabilities allow you to define extremely granular profiles to apply role-based policies on the Secured Web Gateway. Profiles can be defined in terms of user’s requested, web-applications, client-side applications used, time and nature of access. User’s identity can be established in terms of IP address, group membership in LDAP based Directory services, SSO based authentication using Microsoft® Active Directory, Microsoft® Windows LSA, stackable PAM modules and the Kerberos Network Authentication Service to validate credentials.