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Technology Overview

SafeSquid helps you to distribute Internet access across your enterprise, very safely.

  • Has a multi-tier md5-encrypted web-cache.
  • Allows the enterprise owners to precisely define who can access what, when, how and how much from the Internet.
  • Can be deployed in any enterprise, to ensure proper compliance of Corporate Internet Access Policies.
  • Causes minimal or near-zero turbulence while migrating from existing technologies.
  • Can easily connect to a variety of network authentication systems.
  • Can singularly harness the strength of a variety of third-party content analysis and security software, simultaneously.
  • Is compatible with a variety of open-source log-analysers.
  • Is a very good platform for Internet Gateway Security.
  • Has a multi-threaded architecture, to deliver high throughput.
  • In a multi-location environment, slave installations of SafeSquid can synchronise policy settings from a master installation.
  • Has a browser-independent web-interface, for convenient remote management.
  • The self-intuitive web-interface guides the users with smart tool-tips.
  • Allows easy set-up of customised templates, to alert users.
  • Every feature can be programmed easily by using perl compatible regular expressions.
  • SafeSquid SDK can be used to create add-on modules that enhance features.
  • Displays activity in real-time.
  • Gives real-time statistical analysis of usage and performance.

SafeSquid meets all the requirements of an HTTP/HTTPS FireWall.
It has a wide-ranging capability to perform real-time & in-line analysis of content and communication.

The various parameters of security compliance, for the Corporate Internet Access Policies, require disparate functions such as Authentication and Content Analysis.

It is just "The Platform", enterprise managers would require, to implement the ideal Corporate Internet Access Policy.

So many excellent technologies exist, each serving a specific purpose, with high levels of reliability.

SafeSquid's unique multi-threaded architecture, gives you - arguably, the world's best solution to easily use one or more of world's best technologies and products simultaneously.

It has a variety of built-in features to allow, deny, or modify various aspects of an HTTP based communication, organised the same way one configures a Network Layer Firewall.