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Total Content Control

"Length cannot be measured with a weighing-scale"

The content viewed by the users with browsers like Internet Explorer, FireFox, Netscape Navigator etc, or downloaded using any other web-client must be analyzed for appropriateness. Ideally this analysis and necessary actions must be taken before the content arrives on the users' computer systems.

A variety of content is served by various Internet web-sites. The content differs in size, format and various other such parameters.

Obviously, different technologies are required to verify the appropriateness of content.

SafeSquid® incorporates various technologies for comprehensive content analysis.

Document Analysis

This analyses text based content and classifies it for pornography, sports, news, leisure, etc.

SafeSquid has a powerful Keyword Filter. Unlimited set of rules can be set within the Keyword filter to search a complex pattern of words in any document. Each can be set to give the document an unique score, if the match is found. If the total score of a document exceeds a pre-defined threshold value, the document is considered in appropriate, and blocked.

The rules can be simple values or complex formulae. You can therefore very simply identify if the nature of content is sports, pornography.

Image analysis

This analyses the images purely based on its content.

SafeSquid has a unique Image Filter. The image filter analyses graphical content in images and gives each image a score ranging from -10.0000 to +10.0000. The higher the probability of pornographic content in the image, the higher the score. This analysis does not consider the name of the image or the web-site URL as a factor in it's analysis, but purely relies on the image composition.

You can therefore very easily block attempts by people who subscribe for receiving pornographic content in personal emails like Yahoo, Gmail, etc.

URL Analysis

This analyses the connection activity based on the request in real-time.

SafeSquid has a unique URL Filter. The URL Filter allows analysis of any request being made in real-time, and denying or allowing it to be completed. Like most of other features in SafeSquid the URL Filter also allows creation of rules that may be intelligent values or complex formulae. This allows dynamically blocking people from searching content that may contain inappropriate content.

You can now easily block a search for content such as - sports, porn, news, etc. or even the use of Instant messengers like Yahoo, MSN etc. You can even stop people from using offensive language in their personal emails or in their posts on various blogs, forums etc.

Categorized URL Databases

This contains lists of various web-sites and specific URLs classified as leisure, shopping, pornography, news etc.

SafeSquid's URL Blacklist feature allows you to use Flat-File/Folder based databases, that contain categorized lists of web-sites. These databases may contain virtually unlimited number of categories such as sports, pornography, news, etc, and each category consisting of virtually unlimited number of web-sites.

Optional (add-on) MySQL URLDB feature allows you to store these databases in MySQL.

Optional (add-on) cProfiles allows you to use your DNS servers for these databases.

The name "URL Blacklist" is probably a misnomer! You can create rules to simply disallow access to content from one or more categories. Alternatively you can allow access to content from only web-sites listed under one or more categories while disallowing content from any other web-site.

Domain Analysis

This queries private or public DNS servers to ensure that the content is not being downloaded objectionable servers. maintains a record of I.P. addresses that have been used to commit frauds, cyber-crimes or any other nuisance. SafeSquid can query DNSBL servers to ascertain, if a web-server is known to serve inappropriate interests, and thus completely block all content to be downloaded from it.

Optional add-on - cProfiles, allows you to use your own DNS servers to maintain lists of web-sites categorized as sports, business, news etc.

Upload Analysis

This analyses the content being uploaded for security breaches.

SafeSquid has a unique upload filter that analyses documents in real-time as they are uploaded from the local network to a remote web-site. By creating intelligent rules, based on complex formulae, the enterprise can protect itself from losing confidential information.

Virus Scanning

This scans the content for malaware like Viruses, Worms, Trojans etc.

SafeSquid allows you to use a variety of anti-virus software simultaneously, to block dangerous virus infected files.

SafeSquid features Clients for AntiVirus Daemons like Clam, F-Prot, Sophos, Kaspersky and Avast.

SafeSquid also features a unique Universal ICAP client that allows use of ICAP based content analysis servers, like Symantec ICAP Engine, Dr. Web Antivirus for Internet Gateway, Kaspersky Antivirus for Internet Gateway and Trend Micro IWSS.

Content Re-Write

This ensures that the content accessed from the Internet, meets certain security standards.

SafeSquid has a unique Document ReWrite feature. Content downloaded from the internet is searched for specified words or patterns. If a match is found, a replacement is done based on the logic or formulae provided in the rule.

Document Re-write is specially useful for sanitizing the embedded controls like javascripts, stylesheets, applets and other HTML tags and; to block dangerous ActiveX Controls that can install spy-ware, or pop-ups, etc.

MiMe Analysis

This classifies the nature of content like text, images, audio, video etc.

SafeSquid has a unique MiMe Filter. MiMe Filter allows you to create rules that define the nature of the type that may be accessed from the Internet. You can create rules for generically blocking or allowing any content that is application, audio, image, message, model, multipart, text, video, as per IANA standards. You can also - implement your own standards or; create rules for a specific file-type.

User Limits

This quantifies the content accessed.

SafeSquid allows you to define User Limits, for accessing content from the Internet. You can create rules to limit the maximum size of individual files that are fetched from the Internet. These rules can also pre-set the speed-limits at which the content may be accessed. Rules that set limits to the nature of content being accessed during specific time-periods, can also be set.

Header Analysis

This sanitizes the information passed between your web-client and the web-server

SafeSquid's Header Filter allows you to precisely set the information that should be permitted in the connection headers, when a user accesses any web-site. This information is very important, from the security perspective, as it reveals the nature of web-clients, and the operating systems, used in your enterprise. You can also modify or add any value, that seems appropriate to you.

Cookie Analysis

This controls the transfer of privacy related security information.

SafeSquid's Cookie Filter ensures that cookies are exchanged from web-sites, that meet the specifications of your Corporate Internet Access Policies. They come in very handy, when you want to deny people from logging into any web-site. The cookie filter is also your first line of defence against spy-ware.