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Who is uploading confidential documents?









Who is uploading confidential documents?

The family of Web 2.0 applications that tempt and encourage users to upload, is rapidly growing. Yes ofcourse, you could have simply banned all access to social networking and web 2.0 applications, but would you? And malware that sneak data without users’ knowledge are more rampant than any other variety. To make things worse, the line dividing legitimate and illegitimate applications is getting blurred!

Getting a visual on the data files moving out of your web gateway, prevents wild speculations, false accusations, and promotes trust. Presenting hard data to your users, about such movement from their desktops, or hand-helds, encourages caution and better receptiveness to cyber-security practices.

SafeSquid’s DLP (Data Leakage Prevention) add-on module gives you an excellent control and visualization of all data files uploaded through your secure web-gateway. It enables you to enforce granular Profile based restrictions on all upload. You could even get analytics based on these Profiles. The Dashboard displays who uploaded, what, where, when and how.

Enable SafeSquid’s DLP module, and take control of all files that go out from your enterprise. The add-on module ships along with the new packaging of SafeSquid, all you need to do is enable it!


Understand the possibilities

  • Monitor all data usage and prevent confidential data from exiting any network gateway or endpoint.
  • Gives detailed reports for files uploaded.
  • Comes integrated with existing SafeSquid SWG.







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