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Why to use Safesquid?

SafeSquid - Functions follow the need!
SafeSquid provides a reliable and efficient solution for enterprise-wide distribution of Internet Access.

It delivers the essential goals of a Content Filtering Internet Proxy - Total Access Control & Total Content Control.

It's unique features provide better Manageability, Granularity & Scalability than any other comparable solution.

Easy to use
SafeSquid® is very easy to use and administer.
  • Simple text based installation script, that can be modified as per individual requirements.
  • Browser based interface - that, requires no additional download of applets or any other browser specific components.
  • Convenient Tool-Tips on the browser-based interface that describe, the functions of every feature.
  • Multi-format Log reports, FireWall format - to describing the SafeSquid Transactions, Squid Access Log format - detailing the users and their applications. Extended log format - detailing the users, applications and security breaches.
  • Ready to use templates for Access / Content control.
  • Ready to use config files for compatible log analysers and reporting tools like SARG, Calamaris, Squint, and many others.
  • Easy attaching of any third-party software executables to process requests and responses.
Advanced Management
SafeSquid® can be easily managed even in most remote and complex environment.
  • Password protected browser-based interface for managing the system, viewing transactions in real-time, and reviewing system performance.
  • Multiple administrators can be assigned the task of managing the rules.
  • Unlimited unique department profiles based on I.P. addresses and/or username.
  • Time-based global or departmental rules for access to content.
  • Time based application profiles to define unique allow / deny actions depending upon departments, web-sites, nature of content, etc.
  • Unlimited rules to set limits for speed / data transfer, for each department or application.
  • XML based data-file to store and back-up configuration.
  • Enterprise-wide enforcement of rules on multiple proxy servers by using a unique Master-Slave installation.
  • Fully PCRE compatible system for creation of easily editable default rules.
  • Unique browser based URL Commands to analyse the application of profiles and nature of request and response.
  • Easily customisable templates that replace denied or inaccessible content.
  • Automatically produces appropriate WPAD compatible proxy.pac
Enhanced Surfing
SafeSquid® can make Internet access, a better experience.
  • Pre-fetching accelerates loading of web-content.
  • Selectively apply filter bypassing for any application.
  • Use applications that supports use of HTTP 1.1 proxy.
  • DNS Cache to reduce latency when you visit popular web-sites.
Access Security
SafeSquid® challenges all applications that seek to access the Internet, to be authenticated.
  • Only users with a user / password, will be able to access the Internet.
  • The administrators can very easily identify and analyse the Internet usage of each individual user.
  • Spy-ware & Trojans will not be able to access the Internet.
  • Intrinsic PAM client ensures natural compatibility for using different mechanisms of authentication like Windows Domain, SQL Databases, POP3 email servers, Flat files etc.
Content Security
SafeSquid® ensures that all the content fetched from the Internet is security checked before it reaches the users.
  • A two-tier, fully-manageable, MD5 encrypted, content cache to serve the more popular content very quickly.
  • Readily connects to one or more virus scanners like ClamAV, F-Prot, Kaspersky, Sophos, Avast, etc
  • Built-in ICAP client to quickly connect to any existing - ICAP based content security software like Symantec, Trend-Micro, Dr. Web, etc.
  • Built-in Document Re-write sanitises the web-sites to remove pop-ups, ActiveX controls and stops spyware.
  • Fully configurable document analyser, to block web-sites or pages, based on the nature of content.
  • Fully configurable image analyser, to block pornographic images.
  • Time-based global or departmental rules for access to specified content
Chains with other Proxy or Security Gateway
SafeSquid® can easily complement your existing Internet Gateway.
  • Has advanced features like ICP / CARP to connect to external web-caches.
  • Forwarding with Authentication allows you to optionally place SafeSquid behind any authenticating Firewall that requires username / domain / password based authentication
  • Selectively Bind outgoing requests to different I.P addresses.
  • Programmable Headers allow you to protect your privacy.
SafeSquid® has a very low Total Cost of Owner-ship, and a very good investment .
  • Perpetual Server based licenses with no user-limits / time based expiration.
  • Trained technicians to evaluate your enterprise requirements.
  • Total support for system optimisation.
  • Low-cost of management
  • Compatible with a variety of third-party / open-source software.
  • Freely distributed SafeSquid SDK allows everybody to create feature enhancements