Domain Blacklists now available from

URL filtering blocks access to the URLs based on ther host name and file path.

Domain Blacklists now available from

Postby squidblacklist » Mon May 02, 2016 7:20 am

Just came over to briefly introduce ourselves as a commercial blacklist provider without spamming up your boards too much I hope.

Good morning!

We are currently looking for entities interested in our publications!

We are the worlds first, and the leading publisher of Squid 'Native ACL' formatted blacklists. Our works far outclass the other blacklist options. We have better blacklists, including ACL lists that allow for web filtering directly with Squid proxy. Of course we also offer alternative formats to ensure compatibility with the most widely used third party plugins and applications, such as DansGuardian and Squidguard, among many other platforms that are currently being used with our works.

And while our blacklists are subscription based, they are as a result of our efforts, of a much higher degree of quality than the free alternatives.

There is a demand for a better blacklist, we intend to fill that gap,

We hope to serve you,


Benjamin E. Nichols
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