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Features & capabilities of SafeSquid SWG

Postby ramkee » Tue Mar 03, 2015 2:53 pm

SafeSquid-SWG is a robust HTTP/1.1 Proxy server specially designed to provide all the features and capabilities you would seek in a typical Secure Web Gateway. HTTPS scanning is most important feature of Windows SWG Edition we can do lot more things with this feature; we can do the things we cannot able to do with previous editions.


** HTTP and HTTPS content Inspection and Control
** Configurable remote web-server SSL certificate validation
** Integration with Open LDAP / Microsoft AD
** PAM-Aware, LDAP-Aware, Kerberos-Aware
** Profile Based Internet Access and Content Control
** Integrated In-Memory Virus Scanning
** Multiple Virus Scanning Connectors to meet paranoid level malware defence requirements.
** Integrated Web Classification Database and Heuristics Engine
** User-Programmable Web 2.0 Controls

SafeSquid-SWG is built on top of the legacy SafeSquid HTTP/1.1 Proxy server, thus reproducing legacy features like:

** An intuitive Web interface to configure the proxy server.
** Banner and popup blocking.
** HTTP and FTP content caching.
** Virus scanning using Clamav or F-Prot.
** Bandwidth throttling and usage limits.
** Regular expression substitution in downloaded files and HTTP headers.
** Regular expression substitution on requested URLs.
** Many URL commands to temporarily change proxy settings and to view information about a requested file.
** Complete HTTP/1.1 support including persistent connections and gzip encoding.
** URL blacklist support for allowing or denying content is certain categories.
** Extensive logs for analyzing application performance
** Extensive logs for generating usage reports using many available tools.
** Config synchronization to ease managing a cluster of proxy servers.
** ICP, CARP, and ICAP support to interoperate with other proxy servers.

Some interesting things that we can do with this edition

** SSL inspection
** Block access to consumer Google accounts
** Give Read only access to the Facebook, Twitter sites. Users can able to login into their accounts but they cannot able to do post or comment or like or chat.
** Enforce safe search or safety mode based searches in Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines and also we can enforce in any websites that are offering safety mode based search.
** Block images over Google
** Filter text, Images over HTTP and SSL
** Allow specified users to access or to login into specified sites and block others
** Blocking websites based on category or with the host name
** Can use Virus scanning for both HTTP and HTTPS sites
** Allowing access to the specific videos of the YouTube and block rest all.
** Blocking online proxies
** Blocking attachments to Gmail and Block Gmail Chat
** Blocking Messengers
** Making of Reusable profiles
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