Safesquid Version 4 for linux and kaspersky daemon

Commercial Edition of SafeSquid Supports the use of Kaspersky AntiVirus Daemon.

Safesquid Version 4 for linux and kaspersky daemon

Postby housey » Mon Jan 24, 2005 11:02 pm


Ive just downloaded the comercial trial version 4.0.0 for linux. I also downloaded the kaspersky plugin module.

Whenever I enable the kaspersky virus scanning module, if I try to access anything safesquid seems to stop running.

This was working ok with the previous version.

Im using kaspersky version I enabled the aveserver log and I see the following when I attempt to use safesquid

New local connjection accepted from /var/run/aveserver, connection ID 2
Write error


Read error

I cant then access safesquid and have to restart it without the kaspersky support to be able to use safesquid.

Is this a bug, does the kaspersky module work with version 4.0.0?


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Re: Safesquid Version 4 for linux and kaspersky daemon

Postby Tech Support One » Tue Jan 25, 2005 10:29 am


please make sure you have removed the earlier plugin module completely

because incase earlier version is there it will stop safesquid

make sure you have got the new &kaspersky.xml in

/opt/safesquid/modules directory

also in case you are uisng old config.xml file it is likely you get the above error

so plz use the new config.xml file only which is provided with the safesquid package

please note that the safesquid.commercial-trial.4.0.0 can be used with only new kaspersky plugin module
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Re: Safesquid Version 4 for linux and kaspersky daemon

Postby MrSafari » Mon Nov 15, 2010 8:59 am

kaspersky is a censitive antivirus.

if you don't remove the safequid version your kaspersky will always popup a message.

kaspersky doesn't allow any another antivirus when you have installed it.
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