Can i use the same ssl cert. on two diff safesquid proxy ser

Can i use the same ssl cert. on two diff safesquid proxy ser

Postby batman » Thu Oct 01, 2015 12:22 am

Hello ,

We are planning to use the safesquid SWG proxy for linux and as well as windows in our end.
Linux proxy is for my core team and windows is for general purpose usage.
Currently we are using safesquid for linux in all systems we want to maintain some users to windows proxy b'coz finally our core team is only use linux proxy.
Here can i use the same ssl certificate for windows ? which i have installed before with linux proxy because, all my users are using linux proxy with ssl if i migrate some users to windows then the ssl certificate error will not became the problem for users.
I have tested the same in my machine with windows proxy getting ssl error while using :roll: .
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Re: Can i use the same ssl cert. on two diff safesquid proxy

Postby Kiran » Thu Oct 01, 2015 1:03 am

Hello Batman,

Yes, you can use the same certificate for both linux and windows proxy.
According to your scenario, there is no need to download and install the ssl certificate for windows users again they can use the old certificate which had installed for linux.
For that you can do some minimal configuration as below:

1. In your linux proxy server go to following path

In CA, you 'll get the Root and trusted crt 's
copy the above three certs from CA to windows machine ( ex: path desktop).

2. In windows proxy
Go to safesquid interface (safesquid.cfg) and do ssl configuration
In ssl configuration -> Security Passphrase

Encrypt password
For generating the cert use the same password which have given for linux.

Note: The password which have used for linux for generating the cert. should use the same password for windows )

3. Then copy the three certs (ROOT and trusted crt 's ) from windows path (ex :desktop) to 'C:\ProgramData\SafesquidLabs\Safesquid\Security\CA'

Restart the SafeSquid (windows).

4. set the windows proxy in browser settings.
and close the browser and reopen for closing the previous ssl connections.

No need to install the certificate again.
cheers.. 8)
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