How to Update my Windows 8 ?

How to Update my Windows 8 ?

Postby chinna » Tue Sep 29, 2015 8:46 pm

Can anyone help me with Windows Update ?
My SafeSquid version is NTLM We are using LDAP authentication to authenticate the users.
When i choose to Install Windows updates automatically. System throws me an "Windows Update error".
Please assist me through this.
And also i am giving you some details which i have seen in logs. It may be useful to you.
"" "407" "access-restrictions Proxy Authentication Required"
"" "407" "access-restrictions Proxy Authentication Required"
"" "407" "access-restrictions Proxy Authentication Required".
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Re: How to Update my Windows 8 ?

Postby umashankar » Wed Sep 30, 2015 9:02 pm

While updating the windows OS, some urls will prompt you for proxy authentication as your using LDAP authentication. So we have to bypass the urls from the authentication. Make a unauth rule by following this link :
Please follow the steps in the above link upto Step 3.
Then, in Step 3 replace the Host : microsoft\.com with below hosts.
Host : ^(.*\.)*(microsoft|windowsupdate|windows)\..*

Then after make changes in your sytem as follows:
1.First open command prompt as administrator.

2.Run the following command:
netsh winhttp set proxy ProxyIP:UnauthPort
For Eg: netsh winhttp set proxy

3.Then verify the proxy settings is set or not through following command.
netsh winhttp show proxy
After making these settings you can check your Windows Updates are updated or not.

4.If you want to unset the proxy, you can just run this command.
netsh winhttp reset proxy
Hope so, your system is updated with new features.
Thanks & Regards,
UmaShankar G
SafeSquid Labs.
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