Lightsquid configuration

How to configure Lightsquid with SafeSquid

Lightsquid configuration

Postby ramkee » Wed Feb 11, 2015 2:56 pm


LightSquid is a light and fast, web based squid proxy traffic analyzer.
LightSquid analyzes access.log and generate report.
Based on:
1. Per-user, and
2. Per group


**Fast and simple install.
**Fast log parser generate small per user data file.
**Perl based cgi script for dynamic generated report pages.
**HTML template for design.
**No database required.
**No additional perl module.
**Various reports.
**User groups support.
**Graphics report (v 1.6+).
**Real name (v 1.6+).

click here to get the documentation to configure Lightsquid
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