Blocked Security Breach - WHY ??

The access feature is used to control who can access the proxy server, and to what extent.

Blocked Security Breach - WHY ??

Postby Tom_T » Fri Dec 11, 2009 2:55 am

SafeSquid Business Edition Version-3.1.2
SafeSquid for Licensed Internal Use for MAX_USERS Users

My son can't access the internet. When I check the logs I see:
[18] network: disconnected after making 1 requests
[18] template: sent noaccess
[18] security: Blocked Security Breach: attempted a CONNECT request
[18] network: fd: 8932 allowed connect from on port 8000

My access restrictions is set as:
Enabled true
Comment Kids
Enabled Trace true
IP Address
Authentication noauth
Access proxy,http,transparent,connect,urlcommand

He has had access and connected in the past.
I've reset the windows service, but we still get the same error.

Any ideas ??

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Re: Blocked Security Breach - WHY ??

Postby ramkee » Wed Mar 11, 2015 2:12 pm

Good , Can you give a specific name for that Access rule, and visit your website as like . It will show you whether that access rule is applying or not. Let us know the status .

by the way we have many release For Safesquid for Windows with lots of features and enhancements, have a look at this post
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