Coming very soon! SafeSquid on Microsoft Windows

Download and test the SafeSquid Personal and other Beta Releases for Windows

Coming very soon! SafeSquid on Microsoft Windows

by Manish » Fri Aug 22, 2008 7:23 pm

The SafeSquid Team is so happy to bring SafeSquid to Microsoft Windows Platform.
The first line of editions in this series is named SafeSquid Personal.

SafeSquid Personal has been natively built for Microsoft Windows based Operating Systems. This distribution, however retains the functional architecture of SafeSquid for Linux.

The various operations and features of SafeSquid are intended to remain quite as they are in Linux. This distribution is not expected to lose much of its power, even as the platform changes.

This distribution is presently in the Beta stage, and primarily focused for the power-users. But even if you happen to be a "regular guy", you can surely try it - The SafeSquid tech support will try it's best to help you to use SafeSquid.

To avoid inconvenience to the newbies, this distribution is recommended for only people who have time and patience for reporting problems on the forum and getting around teething troubles. If you are upto it please join the Usergroup - "SafeSquid for Windows Beta Testers"

Please click on the UserGroups link and select the "SafeSquid for Windows Beta Testers" Group.

The distribution is ready for release, and undergoing the usual last minute corrections.
So if there aren't too many things that need a change, the distribution should be shortly, available for download here.
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Arrived! SafeSquid on Microsoft Windows

by Manish » Fri Aug 22, 2008 9:15 pm

Please download the SafeSquid for Windows - SafeSquid Personal (Beta) from this link

The installation process installs SafeSquid as a Service. The various runtime parameters, that can be supplied to the executable are stored in the Windows Registry

They can also be subsequently adjusted by performing a re-install, or directly editing the Registry. The latter procedure is recommended only for people with fair experience in editing Windows Registry Keys.

It will serve the readers interest, to note the vital DIFFERENCES, that were inevitable, due to constraints caused by the Windows O/S.
1. We have chosen to retain the Posix Threads based architecture, and therefore SafeSquid for Windows, shall use pthread_win32 libraries.
2. The startup parameters for SafeSquid are stored in the Windows Registry.
3. The Feature of External Parsers, Executable Templates, is not available in this distribution. The development team is working on this, so maybe this feature would be available sometime in future. Therefore Custom Templates, feature works and the parsing of the variables also works, but option for Executable is not available.
4. Support for Add-on modules is presently not available in this distribution. Hopefully this will be possible in future.
5. Client for F-Prot, Kaspersky etc. daemons is also currently not available in this distribution. However Client for ICAP based antivirus like Kaspersky, Symantec, and Dr.Web is available.
6. Client for Clam AntiVirus is available but can be used as a TCP/IP connection.
7. This distribution can be used in a clustered environment provided, the master server is running SafeSquid on Linux.
8. PAM authentication is not available, for obvious reasons.

New Feature, that haven't yet been introduced in SafeSquid for Linux:

Very Tight integration with Microsoft ADS / LDAP servers. This should allow the creation of profiles based on users memberships in various groups / OUs. This should not require any modification, to the existing ADS / LDAP hierarchies.

So if you have used SafeSquid on Linux, this Windows avatar could pleasantly outrage you! You haven't seen the above feature even on Linux yet!
Managing the policies from the web-based GUI, however remains absolutely similar. Most of the documentation available for SafeSquid is therefore readily applicable to this SafeSquid for Windows.

All other functionalities of this Windows avatar of SafeSquid should exhibit the same properties as that of the latest product released for Linux.

SafeSquid for Windows should be used as a Service on Microsoft Windows.
SafeSquid Personal has been very aggressively tested on Microsoft Windows 2000/XP.

This release of SafeSquid Personal, has two key objectives:
1. Collect the feedback from users, and ensure that the software's core is bug-free, and delivers reliably under normal conditions.
2. Help users to understand the features and functions of SafeSquid.

Commercially Supported SafeSquid for Windows Platform, will be released only after SafeSquid Personal, has delivered sufficiently on the above two objectives.

Enterprises that prefer Microsoft based Technologies as Operating Systems, may then enjoy the traditional strengths of this "Originally Linux" based application on Microsoft Windows.

The earlier attempt to port SafeSquid to Microsoft Windows relied upon Linux emulation layer provided by Cygwin. That development cycle had to abandoned due to unscalability and non-portability of certain internal features.

The new development path depends upon library based functions provided by Native Windows ports of the technologies that SafeSquid for Linux uses.
These are fulfilled by the following dlls -
1. libeay32.dll : libeay32.dll contains encryption functions which allow for coded communications over networks. This file is opensource and is used in many opensource programs to help with SSL communication
2. libssl32.dll : libssl32.dll is a OpenSSL Shared Library belonging to The OpenSSL Toolkit from The OpenSSL Project,
3. nsldap32v50.dll : nsldap32v50.dll provides the LDAP connectivity to ADS / LDAP servers. It is used by many programs for LDAP authentication.
4. pthreadVC2.dll : pthreadVC2.dll is Posix Threads Implementation for Windows environment. Many software that have a multi-threaded architecture, and originally created for Linux, use this.
5. zlib.dll : zlib.dll provides the compression / decompression functions for safesquid. zlib was written by Jean-loup Gailly (compression) and Mark Adler (decompression).

Known Issues:
SafeSquid Personal will surely crash if the application cannot access the "Store Path" as specified in "Caching Section" -> Stores ->Path.
So please create the required folder, before enabling caching.
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Re: Coming very soon! SafeSquid on Microsoft Windows

by ashleyabcdefg » Fri Jan 09, 2009 4:05 am

At first I had installed Safesquid on a linux pc, but no matter what method I tried, using pam.d , winbind, samba, lwopen, ect... The log files always still showed the IP address instead of the user name... So I gave up and decided to install it on Windows XP, I went through the install shield and installed it... but when I set the pc to be proxied, it would say page cannot be displayed when I acces the internet... The service is started, when I check in services... Are there any extra steps I have to take after I install it to get it to work? Also, it says you must create stores-> path in "caching section", what does that mean, I couldn't find stores path or a caching section, What exactly do I need to create and where?
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by sachin » Fri Jan 09, 2009 12:43 pm


SafeSQUID crashes on start!

by Death_Master » Tue Feb 03, 2009 10:25 pm

SafeSQUID crashes on start!
Tried all versions from
OS: WinServer 2008 (all updates installed)
in command line dies on -f parameter
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by sachin » Wed Feb 04, 2009 6:34 am

At the moment, SafeSquid for Windows works only on Windows 2000, XP & 2003. We are working on the problems related to 2008 & Vista.

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