SafeSquid for Linux ntlm-RC4.3.7.3 released

SafeSquid for Linux ntlm-RC4.3.7.3 released

by sachin » Tue Jan 31, 2012 5:11 pm

SafeSquid ntlm-RC4.3.7.3, does not contain any new visible features, but contains critical bug fixes and enhancements.

SafeSquid now has a completely new Pornographic Image Filtering technology under it's hood.

Upgrading to ntlm-RC4.3.7.3 is highly recommended if use of Caching, Image Filtering feature is intended, or very large number of concurrent connections is expected.

This release addresses primarily latency related issues.

SafeSquid now has a completely new internal log-rotation mechanism.

SafeSquid for Linux is now also available as a 64-bit Application.

  • Image Filter could cause SafeSquid to crash, arbitrarily. This has been fixed.
  • SafeSquid could trigger concurrent compression process for multiple log files, while handling a request, causing abnormal response. This has been fixed.
  • A memory leak caused in the master-slave operation was identified and fixed.
  • SafeSquid could share an SSO authenticated connection established with a web-site with arbitrary client connection. SafeSquid now has an advanced connection pool management logic, that ensures integrity for "Proxy-Support: Session Based Authentication".


  • SafeSquid now has a new automatic TCP_TUNING logic, under the hood. It now automatically generates large sized optimized packets. The maximum size is now determined as the smaller of the Socket Buffer size, (specified as the startup parameter) and the actual size of data that needs to be sent.
Connction Handling
  • The response time to new incoming connections is now significantly lesser.
  • SafeSquid can now give assured service for environments with 1000 concurrent connections with a 75% idle ratio.
  • The Windows Integrated Authentication (NTLM / Negotiate) based SSO authentication, responds with a significantly reduced latency, and memory utlization.
  • SafeSquid now serves content from cache at a significanltly higher speed, irrespecitve of the size of content.
  • SafeSquid's Access and Extended Logs now record authentication, connection failures etc.
  • SafeSquid now manages log-rotation entirely without any external support, and performs the rotation and compression activities.
Image Filter
  • The new pornographic image filter add-on module is included with this release.
  • New URL Command xx--imgscore now annotates original images in real-time with analytic comments for better tuning.
  • Option to use a special imagefilter.tune file for customizing the filter sensitivity.
  • The ICAP section has been rebuilt. Support for ICAP servers that demand preview has been included.

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