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Join us on Thursday, April 10, 2014 for a webinar on demystifying the new age Secure Internet Gateway Scalability Myths.

Internet gateway has always been one of the key services of our network. It can be deployed in many forms and ways. Such as, Proxy Servers, Network Gateways, Content filters, Secure Internet Gateway, etc.

Sneak Peek to the all-new Safesquid SWG!

Sneak Peek to the all-new Safesquid SWG!

In-Memory Virus Scanning:

A completely new, in-memory virus scanning engine. This will make the scanning blazing fast for the end users.

Real time Categorization of sites:

SafeSquid ntlm-RC4.3.8.7 Released

About SafeSquid ntlm-RC4.3.8.7


SafeSquid-2013.0617.2130.3 Patch Released

Minor enhancement for RFC violating response headers from some web-servers.
Some web-servers like respond with a 301 redirect response headers.
These headers do not contain the entity as mandated by RFC 2616.
SafeSquid now enforces a proper conversion of these headers.

The Links to the Patch are-


1. SafeSquid 32- Bit Versions

SafeSquid for Windows 2012.1208.1905.2-20121208 Patch Released

Bugfix for a vulnerability that caused SafeSquid to terminate abnormally.
In certain cases during SSO authentication SafeSquid crashed, the problem has been resolved in the patch.

Pre-Requirements: Safesquid Business installed

Steps to install patch-

SafeSquid for Linux NTLM.RC. Released

About SafeSquid for Linux NTLM.RC.

BugFix for incorrect amount of data transferred in access and extended logs.
This bug got "accidentally" introduced in ntlm-RC. and continued to exist in all subsequently released versions.
The effect of this bug is visible when a client application makes use of persistent HTTP/1.1 connections and issues multiple requests in a connection.
The bug causes records in logs for each of the requests to report the data transferred as a summation of size of response of this request and all previous requests.

SafeSquid for Linux NTLM.RC. Released

About SafeSquid for Linux NTLM.RC.
SafeSquid for Linux NTLM.RC. contains a minor enhancement to increase tolerance against some webservers, that may not be following the RFC 2616 norms strictly.
Another minor modification included - ensures proper status code in logs, when an access to the SafeSquid WebUI is made.


You can download the latest version from -

1. SafeSquid 32- Bit Versions