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Revision History - Linux

SafeSquid for Linux SWG safesquid-2015.0812.1800.3-swg-concept Released

Fixed the issue to prevent sending of incorrect headers to the ICAP server in transparent mode and Improved user accounting for subscription.

SafeSquid for Linux SWG safesquid-2015.0626.1300.3-swg-concept Released

Fixed FTP authentication and directory listing issue. Also SafeSquid webUI access issue in transparent mode solved.

SafeSquid for Linux SWG safesquid-2015.0612.1900.3-swg-concept Released

Implemented SNI(Server Name Indication), configuration tracking system, SSL Transparent and Reverse proxy support. Modified Save and Load settings process.

SafeSquid for Linux SWG.2015.0425.1300.3 Released

Implemented SSL Over LDAP, improved SSL inspection performance, update process of Virus signatures and Website classification database.

SafeSquid for Linux SWG.2015.0415.1300.3 Released

Fixed problem of socket connections lying in CLOSE_WAIT state for long time and "Refresh Details" button added in About page.

SafeSquid for Linux SWG.2015.0330.1300.3 Released

Added SSL context caching, SSL session resumption. Improved kerberos ticket caching, outbound connection closure and re-usability.

SafeSquid for Linux SWG.2015.0312.1900.3 Released

Fixed memory leak in Kerberos authentication, Subscription update and SSL inspection process. Removed SSO authentication latency.

SafeSquid for Linux SWG.2015.0221.1650.3 Released

Improved support for LDAP environments with over 5000 users. Extended logs are now easier to parse.

SafeSquid for Linux SWG.2015.0115.1830.3 Released

Introduced Failover for Kerberos Authenticaction and display upload activation key form on WebUI, if Activation Key is not activated.