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Revision History - Linux

SafeSquid for Linux SWG safesquid-2016.0914.1836.3-swg-concept released

Improvements in database architecture for reporting performance enhancement and fixes for caching and forwarding section crashes.

Download ISO to create your appliance.
Download SafeSquid tarball, If you have Linux machine 14.04 machine.

* Completely restructured database architecture to reduce database size and enhance reporting performance (3 times improvement).
     The database architecture used by SafeSquid was rapidly increasing the size and causing delays in generating the reports once the database size starts increasing (above 20GB - 30GB).
     Major optimizations have been done to reduce the database size as much as possible and to reduce the time taken in generation of reports with improved querying mechanism.
* Complete change in the display of reporting dashboard.
     The dashboard displaying reports is completely changed from the previous versions.
     The bars and graphs used to display the reports have been replaced completely with simple tabular display resulting in more visual clarity for the users.
* Migration script available for the users who are using the older SafeSquid releases to import old database to the new database.
     A migration script has been made available on readily for the existing customers to change the database architecture.
     The migration script easily migrates the existing database to the latest architecture and SafeSquid starts writing to the new architecture.
     This has been done to ensure users won't lose any previous reports.
* Critical bug fix for crash due to enabling caching section.
     It was observed that SafeSquid was crashing when users enable the caching section, but it was a rare scenario.
     Replicated the scenario, identified the cause and fixed the crash.
* Critical bug fix for crash due to enabling forwarding section for usage with an upstream proxy.
     It was reported that SafeSquid was crashing when it was configured to use an upstream proxy using the forwarding section.
     Identified the bug and fixed it.

SafeSquid for Linux SWG safesquid-2016.0824.1234.3-swg-concept released

Improved reporting engine, fix for intermittent SSO prompts on client's browsers.


Download ISO to create your appliance.
SafeSquid ISO
Download SafeSquid tarball, If you have Linux machine 14.04 machine.

* Improved performance of reporting engine with larger databases (30GB).
     The way SafeSquid was querying the database for reports generation was causing delay to render the reports page on the browser.
     Improved the querying mechanism resulting in the faster rendering of reports with database sizes up to 30GB.
     Previously the querying was taking around 5 minutes on a 10GB database, now it was optimized up to 10 seconds on a 20GB database.
* Real-time reports are now generated 3x faster.
     Now the reports are generated 3 times faster than that was in previous releases. Can expect much user experience enhancements in near future.
* Fix for intermittent SSO authentication prompts on the user's browsers.
     It was observed that SSO authentication wasn't running smoothly because of slowness in the clients machines resulting in prompts on browsers.
     Authentication prompt was given to the user on the browser intermittently when surfing was going on.
     Identified the flaw in such scenarios and fixed it.
* Critical bug fix for crash due to abuse of database vacuum options.
     SafeSquid was using vacuum algorithm to reduce the memory utilization.
     But it was observed that using vacuum at inappropriate places was causing crashes.
     The vacuum algorithm is optimized now and efficiently used.
* Implemented facility to configure the policies when reports pages are rendering.
     Previously user was not provided to click on configure unless the reports were rendered.
     Now user can click on configure and make policies irrespective of the rendering of reports.

SafeSquid for Linux SWG safesquid-2016.0803.1027.3-swg-concept released

Implemented facility for real time update of trusted ca and using the corporate CA as SafeSquid CA and SafeSquid Trusted Authority.

Download ISO to create your appliance.
Download SafeSquid tarball, If you have Linux machine 14.04 machine.

* Updates for trusted CA infrastructure.
      Updates trusted CA bundle regularly. SafeSquid uses trusted CA bundle to verify SSL server's identity.
      This ensures defense against security breaches due to stolen or compromised or expired CA usage.
* Implemented facility to use corporate CA as SafeSquid CA & SafeSquid Trusted Authority.
      You can upload corporate CA files via SafeSquid WebUI.
      You can setup your websites with self-signed CA and upload self-signed CA to SafeSquid trusted bundle.
      Your clients can access all your SSL websites seamlessly without even deploying self-signed CA to client browsers.
      If you have corporate CA provided by trusted party, you need not to deploy SSL certificates on client browsers.
      You can avoid downloading and importing of SafeSquid CA certificate.
      Browsers default trusted bundles are enough to verify SafeSquid generated & signed certificates using corporate CA.
      Deployment of SafeSquid becomes much easier for following use cases and you can provide seamless experience to users.
      Proxy aware mode usage with SSL Inspection.
      Reverse proxy mode usage for SSL website protection.
      Transparent proxy mode usage with SSL Inspection.
* Fixed issue for bypassed websites and upload content types not shown on the reporting.
      It was observed that the upload content types and bypassed websites are not shown on the reporting page. Identified the issue and fixed it.

SafeSquid for Linux SWG safesquid-2016.0727.2034.3-swg-concept Released

Simplified SSO configuration & Implemented crash alert system.

Download ISO to create your appliance.
SafeSquid ISO
Download SafeSquid tarball, If you have Linux machine 14.04 machine.

*  Simplified SSO configuration via SafeSquid WebUI.
    Configure Single Sign On using SafeSquid WebUI by following simple steps.
    Open WebUI->Configure->Application Setup->Integrate LDAP->SSO configuration.
    There you can configure SSO and all you need to have is required credentials.
*  Implemented application crash alert system using support_tarballs.
    SafeSquid now creates support tarball on every crash and send it to SafeSquid servers for analysis.
    This system gathers attention of SafeSquid team whenever something goes wrong.
    In upcoming releases you will get options to setup mail alerts.

*  Fixed "Nothing to show" reporting issue.
    It was observed that, In some cases SafeSquid was not writing information to database due transaction failures.
    which results "Nothing to show" in reporting engine for drilled queries.
    Identified root cause and fixed.
*  Fixed vulnerability in handling uploads on WebUI.
    It was observed that SafeSquid crashes when a faulty upload request fires on SafeSquid WebUI.
    Identified vulnerability and fixed.
*  Fixed critical crash in downloading chunked response.
    We have observed a crash while downloading chunked response from some remote server.
    Identified faulty logic and fixed.


SafeSquid for Linux SWG safesquid-2016.0707.2047.3-swg-concept Released

Improved reporting engine & SSL performance.

Download ISO to create your appliance.
SafeSquid ISO

Download SafeSquid tarball, If you have Linux machine 14.04 machine.

* Improved Reporting Engine & rendering of real-time reports.
    Changed back-end architecture for reporting engine to deliver faster reports.
    You can expect 30% faster results with new reporting engine.
    In the next releases you will get options to customize report wizards.
* Improved handling of HTTPS connections when SSL inspection disabled.
    It was observed that clients are facing latency issues while opening few HTTPS websites.
    Identified that TCP_CORK causing delay in data transmission and Fixed.

* Improved SSL Caching.
    It was observed that SSL caching and session resumption techniques are consuming significantly high memory.
    Implemented work around and reduced memory consumption.

SafeSquid for Linux SWG safesquid-2016.0623.0012.3-swg-concept Released

Major Release.
Optimized resource utilization.

Download ISO to create your appliance.
SafeSquid ISO

Download SafeSquid tarball, If you have Linux machine 14.04 machine.

* Optimized for Memory Consumption.
    It was observed that SafeSquid was consuming significantly more memory than estimated.
    Optimized various areas to reduce memory consumption, mainly Sqlite and SSL.
* Optimized for Load Average.
    It was observed that the Load Average was shooting up to 50 on 4 core machine.
    Optimized various areas to reduce Load Average, mainly buffered data transfer.

* Improved Reporting Engine & rendering of real-time reports.
    Clients reported that they were experiencing latency while checking real time reporting.
    Improved real time reporting by optimizing queries and tuning Sqlite parameters.
    Implemented facility to enable or disable reporting using SQLITE_WRITE option in reporting_db.conf.
    Use this facility on memory constrained systems.
* Fixed critical bugs related to SSL applications.
    Clients reported that they were unable to use few SSL applications via SafeSquid.
    Identified faulty logic & Fixed.

* Fixed bug related logging.
    It was observed that SafeSquid native logs were written into extended logs.
    Identified that SafeSquid allocating stdout to one of the logs & Fixed.

* Fixed vulnerability.     
    It was observed that SafeSquid crashes when client fires malformed section request.
    Fixed vulnerability in this release.


SafeSquid for Linux SWG safesquid-2016.0422.2014.3-swg-concept Released

Major Release.
Improved for better user experience, Added major features & enhanced in various directions.

Download ISO to create your appliance.
SafeSquid ISO

Download SafeSquid tarball, If you have Linux machine.

* Brand New UI & UI API.
    Simplified, Customizable UI.
    Use UI API to create UI that suits your organization needs and reselling purposes.

* Reporting & Performance monitor.
    Real time performance plots allows you to analyze various performance factors.
    Solid Reporting system with 40 predefined reports.
    You can customize pre defined reports and apply filtering to deeply look at various scenarios.

* Category Management, local & cloud based.
    Category Engine with more than 100 categories.
    Manage your own categories.
    Upload files with multiple websites into specific categories.
    Search for categories of URL/websites.
    Real time updates to the Category databases.

* IPv6
    Supports both IPv6 and IPv4 at the same time.
    Configure based on your network infrastructure.

* WCCP (Web Cache Communication Protocol)
    SafeSquid SWG now supports WCCP v1 & WCCP v2, with WCCP support SafeSquid SWG offer following things.
    Interact with WCCP servers(Cisco routers or similar devices which supports WCCP).
    Dictate to WCCP servers how traffic can be distributed to the WCCP clients(web-caches, Proxies and similar devices).
    Transparently redirect traffic flows in real-time.
    Full control is with administrators.
    Client browsers configuration is not at all required.
    Configure service-assurance (fail-safe) mechanisms, Optimize resource utilization, Lower response times, Load balancing & Scaling.
    Provides WCCP client support for devices which does not support WCCP. Redirect traffic to web-cache engines or similar devices which does not support WCCP.

* Application Control
    Control access to the
    application categories BROWSERS, REMOTE ACCESS, FTP etc.
    applications like SKYPE, FACEBOOK, TWITTER etc.

* Content Control
    Control access to the
    content categories IMAGE, TEXT , APPLICATION
    content types like JPEG, PNG, HTML, JS,CSS, EXECUTABLE, RAR etc.

* Custom access to users.
    At times users need to access blocked websites but you may not be available to provide access.
    You can configure policies to allow users access blocked websites for couple of hours.

* Sqlite Integration
    Provides strong backend database to store logs, Customized Categories database.

* User Groups.
    Create User groups using predefined users or Directory users or MySql users.
    You can import users from file.

* Improved complete feature set.
    All features revised to enhance user experience especially policy creation and SSL.

* DLP (Data Loss prevention).
    Secure your data from internal threats.
Known Issues:
* Speed limits section is not working.

Upcoming and conceptualizing:
* Captive Portal.
* Bandwidth Management.
* OCSP & CRL related to SSL.
* Multicast
* UDP proxy
* MySql Integration
* Redis Integration
* A-Z of SSL.
* Video controls
    protect network resources, provide custom allow/deny filters, enable YouTube educational videos, and provide control over viral, entertainment and surveillance videos.
* Network port monitoring
* Remote User Protection
* Malware Sandbox Services and Forensic Analysis
* Web based UI management.
* Easy Addition of Email Security
* Roles based access.
* Policy evaluator Regex evaluator URL command executor.

SafeSquid for Linux SWG safesquid-2015.1201.1730.3-swg-concept Released

Fixed the NTLM authentication prompt issue which arise when user tries to upload file(s) to remote SSO website.

SafeSquid for Linux SWG safesquid-2015.1126.2000.3-swg-concept Released

Bugfix for IOT trap issue of interface which uses MagicSuggest. Implemented Password Cache Manager and improved Password Caching Mechanism.