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Revision History - Windows

SafeSquid for Windows SWG_2017.1214.1800.4 Released

Optimized TCP congestion control algorithm, memory utilization, HTTPS scanning. Modified UI & webfiltering engine. Improved data Xfer speed with Logging effect.

SafeSquid for Windows SWG_2016.1207.2000.4 Released

Major release with New UI & Reporting, DLP, SQLite to store logs, support of IPv6, Application & Content control with SSL caching.

SafeSquid for Windows SWG.2015.0730.1621.2 Released

Identified and fixed a bug which caused SafeSquid to simply close some connections unconditionally.

SafeSquid for Windows SWG.2015.0509.1500.2 Released

Implemented LDAP page control search, improved SSL inspection performance, update process of Virus signatures and Website classification database.

SafeSquid for Windows SWG.2015.0209.2303.2 Released

Introduced CPU time, Concurrent connections, Concurrent users & Named users subscription types. 1024 bit RSA encryption of passwords.

SafeSquid for Windows 2013.0619.1831.2 patch

Added missing image-filter DLLs and flags to check POSTDATA from the client, before sending response for authentication / blocking request.

SafeSquid for Windows 2013.0612.2050.2 patch

Bugfixed authentication process and added missing DLL named bgd.dll.

SafeSquid for Windows 2012.1208.1905.2-20121208 patch

Bugfix for a vulnerability that caused SafeSquid to terminate abnormally.
In certain cases during SSO authentication SafeSquid crashed, the problem has been resolved in the patch.

Pre-Requirements: Safesquid Business installed

Steps to install patch-