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Malware Defence

  • Gateway Level Virus Defence.
  • High Speed In-memory virus scanning.
  • Connect to multiple ICAP based AntiVirus services, to reduce false negatives
  • Presence of pornographic or any other sensitive information, in personal emails like Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. should be reported.
  • HTTPS inspection safeguards against SSL security breaches
  • Pop-ups and ActiveX components should be accepted only from a specific list of trusted business web-sites.


Unique Technology

  • 100% software based download-and-deploy
  • World's most scalable Secure Web Gateway
  • Appliance-ready, Virtualization-ready, Cluster-ready
  • Performance metrics for Cloud-agnostic orchestration
  • SMP-aware multi-threaded architecture
  • Reprogrammable Filters for your web 2.0 filtering logic



  • Forensic-friendly logs
  • Aggregation-ready logging
  • Easy to parse log format
  • Generate customized Internet Use reports
  • Validate policy enforcement
  • Configuration Debugging
  • URL commands for policy testing
  • Performance metrics for server sizing

SafeSquid SWG

Use SafeSquid to setup your Secure Web Gateway.

  • SafeSquid is a RFC 2616 compliant HTTP/1.1 Proxy
  • Each instance serves thousands of concurrent users
  • Build your own hardware appliance, or virtualized secure web gateway, or in-cloud web-filtering service.
  • Central management of policies for Multi-Locations

Profiled Internet Access

  • Manage your user - either by creating new user profile in SafeSquid itself, or create users in Active Directory.
  • Personal email web-sites such as Hotmail, Yahoo, and Gmail should be accessible, only during specified periods of a day.
  • Only text and image based content should be fetched from web-sites. Content other that text & images should be fetched, only from a specified list of web-sites.
  • Instant Messaging allowed only to the people who need to keep in contact, with out-station clients or branch offices
  • Staff who only need to access the organization's web-server(manage content, on-line support, BPOs, etc), allowed to access only that web server.
  • Shares and stock market related sites accessed only by Directors, finance dept, ...
  • Download of only doc and excel files allowed, only if they do not exceed a specific size, and from a specific group of web-sites.



  • Unique subscription plans
  • Zero-cost service redundancy.
  • Subscription advisor suggests most suitable plan
  • Subscription sharing across LAN / WAN / Geographies
  • Use standard IA64 / X86_64 hardware platforms
  • Use standard Linux / Microsoft Windows minimal server distributions.
  • Scale the capabilities of your Secured Web Gateway, with best TCO / ROI that fits your financial budgets.
  • Standard infrastructure hardware, OS and environment, can be used.
  • Scale the capabilities of your Secured Web Gateway with ease.
  • Round the clock dedicated support