SafeSquid SWG Pricing and Plans

  1. Automatic Threat Signature Updates
  2. Integrated Disaster Recovery Support
  3. 24x7 Hand-Holding Support

We have a plan to provide the best Secure Web Gateway for your organization.

  1. The Freeval Plan
    For security technicians to evaluate our technology
  2. USD 0/-
    Get SafeSquid SWG for Unlimited Users with no purchase obligations
  1. Included
    Covered In Your Freeval Plan
  2. Evaluation instance
    Only for use in non-production environment
  3. Unlimited Forum Based Support
    Registration on the Support Forum is Free!
    Pay-As-You-Go Hand-Holding Technical Support
    USD 50/- per Session per Hour
  1. Commercial Subscriptions
    For security aware organizations
  2. Site Based
    Under USD 9/- per user annually
  1. Included
    Covered In Your Commercial Plans
  2. Passive instance(s)
    For High-Availability Failover
    Production instance(s)
    For Load-Balanced Clusters
  3. 365 Days of Cloud-backed Disaster Recovery
  4. Automatic Security Updates
  5. Unlimited Email Based Support
  6. Generous Hand-Holding Technical Support
  7. Priority Product Outage Support
Site Based Subscriptions
Because your site may need clusters to service a large number of users
Self-Support Discounts
Have you already setup your SafeSquid based Secure Web Gateway?
We appreciate the efforts of your IT team, and would be happy to offer you awesome discounts!
The SafeSquid documentation shows how to download SafeSquid SWG, and setup your Secure Web Gateway.
SafeSquid SWG Term License
The Term License sets the maximum number of users that your enterprise seeks to protect, and the upper limits for the number of SafeSquid Proxy Server Instances that you may deploy to achieve your goal.
The price of Term License is essentially user based but you must specify the maximum instances required.
What could be the maximum number of SafeSquid Proxy Server Instances enough to actively service your enterprise?
Term License to setup a maximum of independent servers, or nodes in Fail-over, or Load-Balanced Clusters.
Users Protected
What would be the maximum number of users in your organization that would be cumulatively served by all the SafeSquid Proxy Server Instances?
All proxy instances shall cumulatively serve a maximum of users across the enterprise network.
Term License & Subscription Duration
What would be the tenure for the license?
Term License for a duration of years.
Subscription Price
  SafeSquid SWG proxy server instances to protect   users for   Years
That is about per user per year